The Epiphora Method

A missing link in unexplained lack of recovery

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What is it?

In a healthy body, the blood flow to your brain can still become significantly disrupted.
This is the root cause of unexplained failure to recover.
With the Epiphora Method, you restore blood flow to your brain.

Is the Epiphora Method for you?

Do you have unexplained delayed recovery and some of these particular symptoms?

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Applying the Epiphora Method exercises daily, restores blood flow to your brain.
With proper breathing, the recovery process can then begin. 


About a month ago I took the workshop with you. In the beginning I did get neck pain from the exercises, but this disappeared within a few days. I am very happy that I did them. I feel clearer, can handle more stimuli and have more energy. I am far from being there yet, but this gives a nice boost.
I got my occupational therapist so excited that she will be joining you soon.


Thanks to Nathalie kamp's podcast, I first heard about this method.
At that time I had been dizzy for another six months and after going through every examination (incl mri), for the first time I heard information that resonated. Fortunately there was room with Hans.
From the first treatment, the dizziness was gone.
This was January 2022. Since then I have started EM every day.
The 3 months after that things got better and better, and more and more symptoms disappeared. Now almost a year on and I still do the breathing every day. I wish this to everyone!

Ann Sophie

She is still doing very well. She went to her school last Thursday morning and met her new class. She is now going to build up slowly and we assume that she will be able to go to school fully after the summer vacations.

We are so happy that this is granted to her. Thank you so much.


For me there is future perspective again because of this. The winter before I discovered it I had to spend most of it lying down. Now I am out walking and biking a lot and feel grateful and happy about this every day.


Because I started doing the Epiphora method with Steven, after 1 year of muddling through after a concussion, where I could barely handle stimuli from my environment, I was able to handle stimuli much better within 6 weeks and have my life back. Good explanation and guidance from Steven. I still do the exercises every day. Very grateful for the Epiphora method.


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