How does it work?

  • Did you know that even in a healthy body your brain can have a disrupted blood flow?
  • Did you know that bad neck posture is usually the cause?
  • Did you know that your body then goes into a stress response, and your ability to recover can go down significantly? 
  • Did you know that you can experience specific symptoms, such as: pressure on your head, hair root pain, blurred vision, muscle cramps, hypersensitivity to light, sound and feeling cold? 
  • Did you know that you can even get diagnosed with: Post Commotional Syndrome, Post Whiplash Syndrome, Aura-Migraine, Fibromyalgia Syndrome/ME/CFS, Hyperventilation Syndrome and general stress-related complaints/loss of capacity?

With the Epiphora method you learn to solve 3 main causes of disturbed blood flow in your brain. You improve blood supply from the neck arteries (opening), you improve blood flow out of your brain (drainage), and then you put in proper breathing to release the last of the stress from your body. You apply this twice a day, 15 minutes when you get up, and 10 minutes when you go to sleep. During the day you apply the proper movement posture, and as needed you apply the method more often. This will make the recovery force much stronger, and your recovery process can begin.