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New perspective on persistent symptoms at
Post Covid Syndrome

Healed with breath therapy: "my daughter was finally pain free"

In 2018, my life turned upside down. This video tells my story. From accident to respiratory specialist

Epiphora Method - Hans Timmerman

Long COVID and the Epiphora Method - Hans Timmerman

The Breathwork Magazine

This article is about a breathing technique called Epiphora, which until recently I had never heard of. According to the founder of the method, physio- / hapto- / respiratory therapist Hans Timmerman, it is "the missing link in healthcare". read more

The Breathwork Magazine

One of the most discussed articles of last year was the article on Epiphora, a still relatively unknown self-help method that in many cases proves to be the liberating answer to whiplash, exhaustion, chronic pain complaints and fibromyalgia, rheumatic complaints, migraines with auras, sleeping problems and persistent and often atypical tension complaints.

In this article, Hans Timmerman, founder of the method, explains exactly what Epiphora is about, how you can apply it and what it can do for you.