The Epiphora Method is an exercise method developed from a combination of physical therapy, haptonomy and breathing therapy.
With this method, a specific form of Sympathetic Dominance can be broken in a short period of time.

By practicing the Epiphora Method in the morning (15 minutes in lying down) and at nightfall,
the practitioner continually brings himself into a maximum Parasympathetic mode.
The correct movement posture and breathing during the day work towards this.

For people who recognize themselves in the 8 specific symptoms described on the website, applying the Epiphora Method can make the difference between recovering or barely/not recovering.

The hypothesis of Epiphora Method is: 'what the brain lacks is cut back in the body'

Due to reduced arterial flow space for the neck arteries as occurs after Whiplash, headaches with COVID infection, postural weakness with hypermobility and stress, we see vasoconstrictions in all arteries. This is caused by a dysfunctional long persistent drop in tension in parts of the brain. Persistent collapsing threat is measured. (The possible incompleteness of the Circle of Willis probably plays a major role in this). Within this picture, we see simultaneously a Stress Response response of the nervous system and a dysregulation of the vegetative system. However, the vasodilation associated with Stress Response in arteries to muscles, heart and brainstem remains absent: the vasoconstriction from the drop in pressure (Collapse threat) is dominant over vasodilation due to a low CO2 level or value in the blood.

This is why people with Post COVID Syndrome have acidified muscles combined with moderate cardiac output.

The practitioner facilitates better arterial flow in the neck arteries and ensures proper drainage of body fluids from the brain through active drainage-promoting movements. In doing so, we employ the latest insights from respiratory physiology( This combination makes the difference for a number of people with Post COVID Syndrome, WAD, PCS, FMS, ME/CFS, POTS, NAH, Aura Migraine and ALK between being able to start a recovery period or not. The experience is that complementary use of this method significantly improves the outcome in any intervention and training. 

Epiphora Method is a complementary exercise method now used daily by physicians and therapists in rehabilitation, occupational therapy, physical therapy/exercise therapy, speech therapy, breath coaching, acupuncture, osteopathy and naturopathy. There are also multiple applications in the clinical world.
The method is very effective as a prevention tool and in sick leave management.
For more information you can download the Whitepaper at the bottom of this page.

The Epiphora Method is Practice Based, Evidence is currently being worked on by Saxion Hogeschool Enschede.

As a healthcare professional apply the Epiphora Method to clients
Do you as a healthcare professional want to apply the Epiphora Method? In the Epiphora Method Academy you can follow the training.
The training is in 6 modules, including 4 online and 4 live days. Upon successful completion, as a healthcare professional you will be able to teach clients with complex forms of Sympathetic Dominance within your own practice the Epiphora Method. And you will learn to optimally supervise the recovery process that usually begins in the process. There are now 100 Epiphora Method coaches active in the Netherlands. And there are still a few hundred thousand people in this country who have so far been unable to get on with this type of complaint. 

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Epiphora Method

Read all about the developments behind the Epiphora Method here. Download our white paper for free.