What do others say about the Epiphora Method?

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Thanks to Nathalie kamp's podcast, I first heard about this method.

At that time I had been otherwise dizzy for half a year and after going through every examination (incl mri), for the first time I heard information that resonated. Fortunately, there was room with Hans.

From the first treatment, the dizziness was gone.

Thiswas January 2022. Since then, I have started EM every day.

The 3 months after that things got better and better, and more and more symptoms disappeared. Now almost a year later and I still do the breathing every day. I wish this to everyone!


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For me there is future perspective again because of this. The winter before I discovered it I had to spend most of it lying down. Now I am out walking and biking a lot and feel grateful and happy about this every day.