In 1/3 of all cases of migraine, it is Aura-Migraine.

What is that?
With Aura-Migraine you see with both eyes a spot in your image, or points of light. Sometimes you even see a kaleidoscope-like point of light instead of what you focus on. You may also experience tingling in your lip or hand. This usually lasts less than an hour and is followed by a headache. You may also notice that the letters you read 'move around a bit'.
It is probably due to a short malfunction in the brain, where something goes wrong with the light stimuli between the retina and the visual cortex at the back of the head. Aura-Migraine is familial, meaning that you have to have a certain predisposition to it. It is not dangerous, but if you have it very often, it is advisable to visit your doctor.

In working with the Epiphora Method we often come across this diagnosis. It turns out that people with Aura-Migraine very often recognize themselves in some of the 8 symptoms that we show in our website. From this we conclude that the cause of the disturbed light stimulus conduction will lie in a blood circulation deficit in our brain.
When we apply the Epiphora Method we often first see the phenomena of pressure on the head, hairline pain and blurred vision disappear. Then we see the Aura-Migraine completely disappear after a while.
It is evident that if you normalise the supply and discharge of blood from the brain, there is less or no reason for disturbed nerve conduction.

The Epiphora Method explains the familial predisposition for Aura-Migraine as follows: the predisposition of the circle of Willis is of great influence in the occurrence or non-occurrence of Aura-Migraine. If the Willis circle (a blood vessel system in the centre of the brain that connects the frontal blood supply from the carotid arteries with the rear blood supply from the neck arteries) is not properly constructed, a slight blockage in the blood supply can lead to a serious shortage in the blood supply at the back of the brain. The Willis circle is not fully developed in 66% of people, and this is a hereditary issue! In the event of a neck trauma or posture problem, there is sometimes a lack of blood from the neck arteries to the back of the head. This ultimately causes the phenomenon of Aura-Migraine. If you want to know more about this, go to the page: how does it work?

In Pennsylvania in 2013 a university study proved that the construction of the Willis Circle is a strong determinant of the occurrence of Aura-Migraine. In the other 2/3 cases of Migraine, the construction of the Circle of Willis was not found to be of great importance.

What can we do?
The solution for Aura-Migraine is: Improve the blood circulation of your brain! We do this with the basic exercises in the morning, during the day keep it well 'open' and before the night again pay some extra attention to the supply and drain of blood in our brain.