What is it?

When you can no longer reason, calculate, think well, and you have word-finding difficulties, we call it: brain fog, or brainfog. You feel like there's cotton wool in your head. It often occurs after a concussion accident, so Post Commotional Syndrome, Whiplash Syndrome, as well as Burn-Out and Fibromyalgia Syndrome and ME/CFS. It is often seen as a symptom of overexertion. But it can also belong to you all your life, without ever finding any solutions. 
In the Epiphora Method, we very often see this brain fog exist alongside a number of other phenomena that we describe in our method. So they are somehow related. Our idea here is this: reduced blood flow to the brain can be the direct cause of brain fog, but it can also be the secondary cause. The general loss of capacity that occurs with impaired blood flow to the brain also makes the person automatically tiptoe to still be able to do everything. So overexertion is always close at hand.

How does the Epiphora Method help with brain fog / brainfog?

In any case, bring the blood flow to your brain in the best condition through the special neck exercises and posture technique you will learn in the Epiphora Method and continue the good movement posture throughout the day.
Then go see what else you can do with nutrition, exercise, therapy, rehabilitation.
We see in this way most brainfog eventually disappears, and sometimes returns functionally to make us "feel" that we are over our limits. Even if you have a lifetime of brain fog, this may just be the surprising solution.