Feeling of pressure on your head

What is it?

If the brain in the back of the head does not receive a sufficient blood supply (due to reduced blood flow from the neck, in a poorly constructed Willis circle), this part of the brain is less well supplied. As a result, the brain 'hangs', as it were, in the meninges that sit between the skull and the brain. On the outside of the skull, this feels as if something heavy is pressing on it. Sometimes there is also a slight pulling sensation under the skull in the same place. People often experience this phenomenon in conjunction with other symptoms such as palpitations, dizziness, brain fog, restlessness. It often occurs most frequently in a sitting position. There is a tendency to stand up, which is often accompanied by considerable dizziness, palpitations and seeing black spots or flashes of light. This subsides somewhat if you move around for a while. It causes these people to prefer moving to sitting for a long time. So this can also cause restlessness.

How does the Epiphora Method help with a feeling of pressure on the head?

In exercise 4 and 5 of the Epiphora Method, in the morning we make the space for the neck arteries optimal again, so that the blood supply in the brain is optimal everywhere. During the day, you remain in the correct movement position. For the night we repeat exercise 4 and 5. Usually, the feeling of pressure on the head disappears within two weeks, and only returns if you do not keep a close eye on your daytime movements. The dizziness and palpitations will also have disappeared, and you will finally be able to sit comfortably again ....!