Feeling of pressure on your head

What is it.

If the brain in the rear part of the head does not receive an adequate blood supply (due to reduced blood supply from the neck, in the case of a poorly constructed Circle of Willis), there is less proper filling of the rear part of the brain. As a result, the brain "hangs" as it were in the meninges that sit between the brain and the skull, instead of the brain pressing firmly against it with good filling. This feels on the outside of the skull as if something heavy is pressing on it. Sometimes there is also a slight pulling sensation below the roof of the skull in the same place. Often people experience this phenomenon in conjunction with other symptoms such as coldness in the body, palpitations at rest, dizziness, brain fog, restless feeling. Often occurs most often in sitting position. Sometimes the feeling of pressure on the head subsides a little when you start moving again. It makes you prefer moving to sitting still for a long time. So this can also cause restlessness and exhaustion.

A feeling of pressure on the top of your head is usually a sign of that a disturbed blood flow in the back part of the brain.
It occurs in 75% of people diagnosed with Fibromyalgia Syndrome and also often after concussion/whiplash with persistent symptoms.
It is also common in Post Covid Syndrome, but it appears to take longer than a year to "build up" this phenomenon. 

The phenomenon is not on the intake/questionnaires of doctors, therapists or psychologists, and so most people who have it are not confirmed in it. The phenomenon does not seem to exist in the medical world, but in the Netherlands a few hundred thousand people walk around with it every day.
In the view of Epiphora Method, this phenomenon is the proof of a poor filling of the hindbrain. Every health care provider should ask this question in the intake: ' Do you ever have a feeling of pressure on the top of your head? '. If the caregiver confirms this, you know something is not going well in the brain, which has to do with the filling of the brain. 

This particular phenomenon indicates that there is a dominant factor why a person cannot relax, is inexplicably tired AND it is the main reason for the acidification that takes place in our muscles throughout the body. In particular, it occurs in conditions and complaints that have existed for some time. It apparently takes quite some time before it can be felt. It can also vary greatly, as can the symptoms that accompany it. But sometimes it occurs continuously, which feels particularly unpleasant. It often occurs in combination with: scalp/hair root pain, blurred vision, coldness in the body and remarkably strong acidification in the muscles. 

NOTE: in studies of people diagnosed with Post Covid Syndrome, it has recently been discovered that the brain has become a bit smaller in size, which may be related to this particular pulling/pressure feeling on top of the head...

How does the Epiphora Method help with a feeling of pressure on the head?

In the 10-step morning exercise when you get up, as well as during the day, you make sure that there is less constriction in the blood supply through the cervical spine. You make the neck a little longer, pulling your chin in slightly. In doing so, you make the special "kinks" that provide adequate flow space for the neck arteries, allowing enough blood to flow back in to the back part of deer brain. During the day you stay in the good movement position, and you can repeat a short execution of the 10 steps when you are tired, or for example after eating. Also for the night we repeat this exercise technique to go into the night well.

Usually the feeling of pressure on the head disappears within 2 weeks, and only returns if you do not keep a close eye on the correct movement posture during the day. Many other complaints diminish in intensity, or also disappear, together with the reduction of the feeling of pressure on the head.

If you are someone who has or had this phenomenon, then you know that you can take care of it yourself by using and continuing to apply the simple tips and exercises from the Epiphora Method. You can apply it to treat your complaints, or to prevent that you end up in this kind of complaints like when you have Covid, or after an accident with neck pain.