Hair root pain / scalp pain

What is it.

The hair roots and scalp at the top of the head can be hypersensitive, or even painful. This can even be bothersome when getting a haircut, as well as in the shower or when wearing a ponytail or bun. It can be caused by pressure on nerves from the neck at the transition to the head. But: it is very common along with the phenomenon of feeling pressure on the head. It is probably caused when the brain at the back of the head does not provide sufficient pressure on the meninges between brain and skull. This relative negative pressure can occur with prolonged reduced blood supply to the brain from the neck arteries in moderate to poorly constructed Circle of Willis. Often this occurs along with the phenomenon of brain fog, cold in the body, restlessness.

How does the Epiphora Method help with hair root pain / scalp pain?

In the Epiphora Method, we restore optimal blood flow in the neck arteries through specific exercises. This also restores proper blood flow to the back of the head from the neck arteries, and we usually see scalp pain disappear in two weeks. We do this in the morning, in the evening, and during the day we continue the good movement posture. When the symptom comes back, there is usually insufficient continuation of the movement posture. We see it as a kind of "thermometer" that indicates the state of your brain in terms of supply of blood from the neck.