Cold body

What is it.

When you feel cold often and quickly, it can be caused by many factors. It could be due to your diet, or due to stress in yourself or in your environment. But the reason can also be a disturbance in the blood supply to the brain. As a reaction, this causes vascular cramping in the arteries in your body, which prevents the "core temperature" from distributing throughout your body. As a result, you quickly have cold feet and cold hands. And you are generally quick to shiver. Even without an approaching cold or the like.
Turning up the heater or dressing warmly in wool is obviously the first reaction. But when the cold in your body has really become a phenomenon, we need to look at a real solution.

How does the Epiphora Method help with cold body?

See what you can do to reduce stress and take a look at your eating habits. If there is no response then very often the state of blood flow in your brain is the root cause. In the Epiphora Method we optimize the flow of blood to and from the brain and your breath comes back to rest. Usually in the "stilling" in the last phase of the practice, a good flow of heat through the body occurs again because there is no more vascular contraction and the stress is firmly reduced. A good flow of blood through the body during the evening practice before sleeping soon saves one quilt and gives a better chance of a good night's sleep. You also stay warmer during the day with a better circulated brain.