Post Covid Syndrome

Post Covid Syndrome is a phenomenon that occurs after a Covid infection. In most people the symptoms disappear after a while, but there are also people who can't get rid of the fatigue and who are very soured in their muscles. Furthermore, there are many symptoms that are very similar to the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia Syndrome.

In the view of Epiphora Method we see these phenomena occurring more often as a result of disturbed blood circulation in parts of our brain. Often before there was the Covid infection there was already talk of, for example, headaches, aura migraines, burn out periods, or in the family a lot of Fibromyalgia or CFS. Or that people were over-active because sitting still does not work, which can be caused by a slight blockage in the neck arteries when you sit still for a while. All of these phenomena are explainable within our hypothesis: a moderately constructed Circle of Willis cannot make up for what the brain lacks when there is not sufficient blood supply from the neck arteries. It's a tangle of factors, where you experience great helplessness, and also a kind of insecurity or panic: the body is no longer reliable in the signals it gives, with trust largely lost. All in all, it is a traumatic experience that requires specific attention in recovery.

What can you do?

We teach people with Post Covid Syndrome to first make sure that the blood circulation in the brain returns to normal. Only then can you start 'listening to your body' again and alternate between doing something and then resting. As long as the brain is not properly supplied with blood, the body gets upset and cannot rely on the signals. And so the body cannot build something up through physical training. When the hindbrain is well supplied with blood again, the cramps in the arteries will decrease and the muscles will no longer become acidified. The brain will also start functioning better again, which will solve brainfog and blurred vision. And then the energy comes back into the body, because you can sleep better. Why was Sven Kramer able to perform for so long: he can rest extremely well. You learn this again when you have the flow of your brain back in order, and after the effort you go to rest. When this confidence returns to your body, you can start thinking about training your body. Until then, apply the Epiphora Method: open, drain, breathe and rest. Then do things that you feel like doing, and then when you get tired again: open, drain, breathe and rest. This is what the Epiphora Method coach can teach you. When the symptoms start to subside, you can slowly start thinking about some more training.