Irritable bowel

What is it.

Irritable bowel syndrome is when you have a lot of abdominal pain after eating, too fast bowel movements or constipation, and more abdominal pain when under stress.
The cause can be anything: your diet, not enough exercise, stress factors that can mount up, psychological issues. In general, bowels will cramp up when there is stress. Why?
When a hefty threat arises, we enter a Flight/Fight state until the danger has passed. In the process, the intestines are put into a contraction state because the body must have all the energy it needs to fend off the danger. First the cause of the stress must be removed before the intestines can return to normal functioning. When stress is prolonged, the bowels will usually remain in a state of spasm. Stress can be caused in yourself or in the situation in which you live. But a poorly perfused brain also gives off alarm signals, even without stress in or outside yourself.

How does the Epiphora Method help with irritable bowel syndrome?

You can work on your diet, resolve stress situations, do hypno sessions and exercise more. But if you don't resolve the alarm condition that may be present because of a poorly perfused brain, you won't get your results. In that case there will be no relaxation in the intestines.
The combination of optimizing the supply and drainage of blood in the brain already brings more peace in your breathing, so that the intestines can start doing their work again in a relaxed way.
When your body is no longer in a state of alarm, we often see the intestinal complaints diminish quickly.
There are already dieticians who say: first do the Epiphora Method and if you still have complaints then come back to us to solve the rest.