Acidified muscles

What is it.

It can happen that your muscles feel stiff and cramped and you can't relax them properly. When walking and especially climbing stairs, you may find that your muscles sour way too quickly. Quick cramping in the legs and Restless Legs at night can also be common, as if it feels like you ran 10 kilometers untrained. There are known examples of problems with standing and walking, even up to wheelchair level. Here it often happens that the doctor cannot find a cause. Sometimes you are even told that it is psychological or that there is a lack of motivation to move.

In the symptoms we describe in the Epiphora Method, acidified muscles occur mainly as a result of a prolonged cramping of the arteries that have to bring the blood to the muscles.
When our brain measures too little blood supply (blood pressure - and oxygen drop) the brain 'thinks' that a collapse (means fainting) is imminent, or that a brain infarction is imminent. In the process, we often see a rapid increase in body blood pressure, but at the same time a fierce contraction of all arteries. It can happen that this contraction is so severe that only 1/3 of the blood flows to the muscles in the body!
Why do these arteries cramp up so much at such times? Because this can greatly reduce the chance of fainting or a possible infarction, so it is a security reaction. As a result, at that moment much more blood flows via the carotid arteries to the brain, hoping "that it won't go wrong" in the brain. But at the same time, this also means that much less blood flows to your muscles. As a result, the muscles soon feel very soured.

Plastically expressed: it's better to miss a leg than your head!

How does the Epiphora Method help acidified muscles?

In the Epiphora Method, you learn to restore optimal blood flow to your brain through special exercises in the morning, postures during the day and practice before night. This eliminates the "alarm" signal in the brain. On that, all the arteries in the body, including to the muscles and heart, go out of spasm. From then on, strength and fitness can be built up. 

We often see the acidification in the muscles decrease fairly quickly when applying the Epiphora Method, and we take that as a sign of successful practice of the Epiphora Method, after all: if the arteries to the muscles are nicely open, we know that the blood flow to your brain is optimal again as well. It is usually inseparable!