Blurred vision

What it is.

Blurred vision can be due to the eyes. But when the eyes show no abnormalities, the cause is usually a disturbed blood flow in the Thalamus or Visual Cortex. The Thalamus is an organ in the middle of our brain where almost all stimuli from our body are collected and sorted and then delivered to the cerebral cortex. Only the olfactory stimuli go immediately to the Cortex that perceives smell. The Visual Cortex is the place in the cerebral cortex at the back of our brain by which we ultimately "see. When the Thalamus and Visual Cortex are well supplied with blood, we will be able to see clearly and distinctly. However, these two parts of our brain may suffer from impaired blood flow due to blood supply problems from the neck arteries, in the case of a poorly constructed Circle of Willis. When this persists over a long period of time, we often see the development of Aura-Migraine: a disturbance of vision, where we can see spots, flashes/fire spots or even have kaleidoscope vision: you look at a letter on the laptop and see a point of light "in front" of it so you cannot see the letter. Focusing then doesn't work well either. Sometimes you see less on the left or right for a while, sometimes to nothing at all. Aura-Migraine is usually a headache from the neck, banding, pain under the eyebrows and behind the eyes, combined with vision disturbances. It often includes fatigue and almost always hypersensitivity to light stimuli, sound stimuli and sometimes skin stimuli. But it can also occur without neck pain or headaches. Usually the only solution is seen as painkillers and bed rest. But: that is obviously not the real solution.

35% of all migraines are Aura Migraines. Of all Aura Migraines, 75% can be completely cured, with proper continuation of the Epiphora Method. 

How does the Epiphora Method help with blurred vision?

In the Epiphora Method, we restore blood flow to the brain with specific exercises. This gives the Thalamus and Visual Cortex enough blood to start flourishing in their task again! Usually in 2 weeks the vision is a lot clearer again, and the Aura-Migraine occurs less and less until it stays away.

Then if you see blurry again, or perceive flashes, you know you are not "opening" the neck properly.
This often happens when you are firmly over your limits, trying to ignore your exhaustion.